Month: February 2010

Seminary Level Studies are Available to Everyone

For nearly thirty years, the courses that Dr. Michael K. Lake developed for Biblical Life College and Seminary was only available to those that enrolled into this well known on-line theological seminary.   Now these same studies are available through Biblical Life Publishing to any believer that is hungry for a deeper understanding of God’s Word and a more dynamics relationship with God.  Currently these studies are available with MP3 audio lectures taped before a live audience.  Work in underway to have all of these lectures on DVD as well by the end of 2011.

Three exclusive DVD mini-series have been completed by Dr. Lake for Biblical Life Publishing.  These new mini-series also include professionally published study guide.  The new series include:

These studies are prefect for individual and group studies.  Additional study guides can be purchased to assist with home bible studies, home fellowships, and study groups.