Month: June 2010

Reflection for Advancement

20071227-reflectI always enjoy taking a few days off at the beginning of Summer to recharge, re-evaluation, and realign my life.   It seems like our busy-ness stops us from really taking inventory and developing plans of action for true advancement.  I do think this is the plan of the spirit of this age to stifle our potential both in our lives and in the Kingdom of God.

We need to have periodic times of kicking out of “survival” mode and into a time of reflection, prayer, research (for answers), and then strategic planning (with implementation) in our lives.  Without these times, we will grow tired, stagnate spiritually & mentally, and achieve a high level of mediocrity.   God has creates us for so much more.

In these few days apart, I am re-evaluating, researching, realigning, and preparing to re-launch with new strategies, strength, and vision.  I pray that all of you will find those quite times in the months to come for God to breathe new strength and vision into your life!

Dr. Michael K. Lake

The Kingdom Series Lectures in MP3 for Free Download

jesus_king_1 We have a new, ongoing series that we believe will be a source of spiritual strength and blessing to your life.  This new series deals with the Kingdom of God and how to flow in it.  There is a great deal of powerful information that can transform your life.

This series is taught by Dr. Michael K. Lake.  Dr. Lake is the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College & Seminary, the Pastor of Biblical Life Assembly, and the President of Biblical Life Publishing.  He is known for his dynamic teaching style with an emphasis on “where the rubber meets the road theology.”