Month: March 2011

The Power of Walking with God–Part 9 Posted

Baptism%20Holy%20SpiritThis week, we start a series within a series.  It is impossible to walk with God without understanding the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit Within, Beside, and Upon – Part 1 is this week’s message.  Jesus was very clear on who the Holy Spirit and is what He is supposed to do.  Once you look at what Jesus taught, you will find most of what we contribute to the Holy Spirit is today’s church is not the Spirit of God at all – rather it is another spirit that has taken His place!

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Purim 2011–The Preparation of the Bride

esther_2This past week was Purim on the Biblical Calendar.  Dr. Lake ministered on the preparation process that enabled Esther to become the agent of deliverance for Israel.  Much of the symbolism connects Esther to the preparing of the Bride of Christ for the days ahead!

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Office will be Closed This Thursday and Friday

laptopjetDr. Lake will be traveling to Little Rock, AR to attend the Accrediting Commission International’s annual conference for Christian educators from around the world.  On Friday, he will be giving a seminar on “Using Digital and On-Demand Printing in Education and Ministry.”  Please keep this trip and his lecture in your prayers.

Because of his travel, our office at Biblical Life will be closed on Thursday and Friday.  We will reopen at 9:00am on Monday, March 21.

The Power of Walking with God–Part 8

1678molochThis week’s message is part 2 of the message “God vs. Mammon” in the Power of Walking with God Series.  This session deals with the instruction of Jesus regarding material things and how obsessing with them can allow darkness into every area of your life!

Learn how to bring biblical balance to the things you have so that they do not possess you!


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Dr. Michael Lake is the Chancellor of Biblical Life College & Seminary, the President of Biblical Life Publishing, and the Pastor of Biblical Life Assembly.

The Power of Walking with God–Part 7 Posted


Did you know that when Jesus speaks of “Mammon” in Matt 6:24, that He is referring to the god of materialism?  Another name for this god is “Baal.”  This is the first of a two part lesson that throws the Gospel light on the reality that materialism is slowly killing spirituality in the Body of Christ.  Jesus said it plainly: “You cannot serve God AND MAMMON!”

It is time for all of us to learn to walk in biblical balance.  We can have things without things having us!

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