Month: April 2011

Biblical Life Victory Briefing for April 2011: God Will No Longer Overlook

In Acts 17, we find Paul’s great sermon on Mars Hill. In this sermon, we find prophetic clues for the Church in this era. Paul told the Greeks that there was a time that God winked at (overlook) their ignorance regarding pagan practices, but now they were entering a time that He would no longer do so. This warning is connected to Ezekiel 8 and the paganism that had entered into the religious practices of Israel and how God was going to judge them for it. It is time for the Body of Messiah to lay aside every pagan weight that has so easily beset us and to be prepared for the days ahead!

Michael K. Lake, Th.D., Biblical Life College & Seminary (, Biblical Life Publishing (, and Biblical Life Assembly (

How to Increase Your Anointing

anointingThis week’s message is part 11 in the series: The Power of Walking with God.  In this message Dr. Lake teaches on the Parable of the Ten Virgins and deals with the issue that additional levels of anointing must be purchased and what they exactly means.  This lesson will help you understand how Heaven uses situations in life to produce greater levels of anointing if you response to them properly.

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The Power of Walking with God–Part 10 Posted

Holy-spirit-on-the-move_1This week will continue our series on “The Power of Walking with God.”  This week’s message is “The Holy Spirit Within, Beside, and Upon Part 2.”  We need to properly understand who the Holy Spirit is and what He is supposed to do.  This helps us separate Him for all that is going on in the world and the Church by other spirits.  These messages will transform your understanding and assist you in your walk with Him in the Last Days!

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