Month: October 2013

BLCS Offices Will Be Closed October 23 – 30

plane_taking_offI have packed my bags and I am off for another extended ministry trip.  The BLCS offices will be closed from October 23 – 30.  If you need support during this time,  I always takes along my notebook computer so I can provide service to our student body and partners anywhere in the world.  If you need support, simply email me at or my mobile express response account at  I should be able to respond within 24 hours.

For anyone enrolling into the current Enrollment Drive, to receive your discounts on tuition, the enrollment simply needs to be received by our office before November 1.  All enrollments received while I am out of the office will be processed on October 3 or November 1.

Please keep me in your prayers during this journey for both God’s protection and His anointing to minister the Word in the power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives forever!


Dr. Michael K. Lake

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Jubilee in the 21st Century–Part 3

The Fear of the LORD empowers our Jubilee

In this session, we took a deeper look at the Spirit/Soul/Body connect of our plane of reality, how that thought and emotions are spirit-breathed, and how the Fear of the LORD is the beginning of our Jubilee.


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The Excitement is Building at Biblical Life



We have already heard from so many that are excited about the current enrollment drive and those whose lives have been changed by the materials! The response has taken us by surprise. Voicemail messages with believers crying because God has used the materials so powerfully in their lives. Emails from individuals across the U.S. (and several other countries) that stumbled upon a study guide, a MP3 or video teaching and it broke bondages, answered questions they had for years, or provided divine empowerment right when they needed it. We are so blessed to hear all that God is doing throughout the Body of Messiah.

We don’t want you to be left out!


October Enrollment Special


EnrollmentIf you are looking for an anointed school for ministry preparation or advancement, Biblical Life College and Seminary is the school and now is the time! Here is our current tuition special:

Option 1

Enroll into any program at BLCS using Plan B (the Monthly Payment Plan) and receive a $75.00 credit toward BLCS books and lectures.

Option 2

Enroll into any program at BLCS using Plan C (Full Tuition with Enrollment) and receive the following discounts on tuition:

  • 35% Discount on All Diploma and Degree Programs (Except the Master of Divinity)
  • 40% Discount on All Master of Divinity Degree Programs

Whether you are called to ministry or just have a hunger to understand God’s Word at a deeper level, BLCS has a program for you!

This is the best offer you will see from BLCS in 2013. Don’t stay on the sidelines – enroll today!

Offer ends October 31, 2013.

blcs catalog


Download the BLCS Program Catalog and Enrollment Application in PDF


Use the link below to go to the special download page to download our catalog and application in PDF.

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Jubilee in the 21st Century–Part 2

Wilderness Theology vs. Promised Land Theology


What is the difference between "wandering in the Wilderness" and "Promised Land" walking with God and how does it affect enforcing the Jubilee?  Learn how to initiate and enforce this season of Jubilee in your life!

You can also download the MP3 Audio Here


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Hungry for True Spiritual Transformation?


Are You Hungry for True Spiritual Transformation?


Covenant Faith: The Transforming Power of Walking with God


Covenant_Faith_Course_webIn a church world filled with sound bites, shallow cliques, and superficial programs, our hearts long for more.  We don’t need another program, we need the transformational power of God active in our lives!  Covenant Faith is about discovering the power of covenant with Almighty God, allowing Him to truly become El Shaddai in our lives, and to be transformed by His presence, power, and purpose as we walk with Him in truth.

Our example from Scripture is the life of Abram.  God lead him out of Babylon, made a covenant with him, and transformed him into Abraham through a journey orchestrated by God Himself.  Through Messiah, that journey is available for us as well!

Dr. Lake is making available the Covenant Faith Study Guide and MP3 lectures at a 20% discount.  This study packet includes 16 MP3 lectures (over 16 hours of teaching) and a 90 page, professionally published study guide (full 8 1/2 x 11).  This study packet is normally $110.00.  During the month of October it is available for only $88.00.  The Discount Code is:  CF-2013.

This powerful series is available not only to BLCS students, but anyone that hungers for transformation and a deeper walk with God.  Use this powerful series during your weekly bible studies, in home fellowships, or personal devotional times.  See for yourself what God can do in your life when you understand covenant and the transformational power that only resides in the journey of walking with God.

This on-line promotion ends October 31, 2013.

Purchase Your Set Today!