Month: November 2013

Biblical Life Deep Waters Podcast – Episode 3

bl_deep_waters_logoIn this episode Dr. Lake builds upon the foundation he established in Episodes 1 & 2 regarding a Year of Jubilee.  Did you know there is great prophetic significance in the Feast of Lights (or Hanukkah)?  Learn the connection with both the first and second coming of Jesus with this Feast and how it can relate becoming like Obededom – to have the blessings established upon your home and all that pertains to you.  Isn’t time your claimed back you joy, victory, and destiny in the Kingdom?

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Biblical Life Deep Waters Podcast This Week

PodcastingWe are all excited about the response we have been getting from our new “Biblical Life Deep Waters” Podcast.  It is simply amazing to see how many are downloading the new podcast each week from all around the world.

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We will be setting up some of the new equipment this week.  Because of this, the podcast will be recorded on Tuesday and not Monday this week.  It should be available by tomorrow afternoon.

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BLA-EP1: Moving Forward in Our Jubilee–Part 1

God is calling us to examine our ways to set us free!



Our video ministry reboot!  General Introduction.  Heaven is moving to release a Jubilee in the lives of believers.  This work of the Kingdom must first start in the believer’s heart and then his home.  God is wanting to release His fire and glory into the homes of His Remnant! 

itunes-iconYou can also subscribe to the audio version of this message as a podcast in iTunes. 

We also invite you to subscribe to the new Biblical Life College and bl_deep_waters_logo-smallSeminary Podcast called “Biblical Life Deep Waters” on iTunes.  BLDW deals with a variety of subjects that ministers and those in training face in their daily lives.


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Biblical Life Deep Waters Podcast–Episode 2

bl_deep_waters_logo-smallIn this episode Dr. Lake builds upon the foundation he established in Episode 1 regarding a Year of Jubilee.  Ministers today are faces challenges that few previous generations have faced.  Nearly 1,700 pastors leave ministry every month in the US.  Although there are many reasons, Dr. Lake examines the first one that needs to be address:  paganism in America and the Church.  This sorting and examining is necessary to facilitate a Jubilee in our lives and ministries.

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Episode 1 – Introduction to podcast and prophetic understanding of where we are headed in God’s Kingdom

bla_logo_frame_thumb.jpgIn our first episode Dr. Lake shares on why he has started the podcast, what God has been prophetically speaking during the Fall, what is a Year of Jubilee and how to work with Heaven to facilitate a Jubilee in your life.  He also discusses a vision he had while ministering in Canada and how God wants to restore spiritually back to the home.

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From My Desk–November 2013

my-desk1Fall has been a tremendous time of revelation and inspire for us here at Biblical Life. God has been speaking to us in unprecedented ways regarding where we are headed in 2014. Here are just a few of the things God has been declaring to us:

1. A Year of Jubilee: With the Fall Feasts this year, the Holy Spirit made His will known with a greater clarity than I have experienced in quite some time. We have an open heaven and, for those that actively work with the leading of the Holy Spirit, God is hitting the “reset” button in our lives. There are many things the enemy has added to our lives that serve as spiritual weights to hold us back. God is releasing us from those and giving us a fresh new wind of His Spirit to recapture our destiny in the Kingdom of God. So it is a time of both closing doors and opening new ones.

If you have not watched the videos from this fall on our YouTube channel, I encourage you to do so now.

bla_logo_frame2. Deep Waters: I was in Canada ministering in October. While I was there, Apostle Kevin Tabuchi spoke a very powerful word over my life regarding “untapped deep waters” of the Kingdom of God. These waters would both refresh me and serve as a new resource for those that I minister to. Ever since he spoke those words, the Holy Spirit has been stirring in my heart!

This word confirmed to me several things God had been dealing with me about. Let me take a few minutes to share some of them with you.

Biblical Life Assembly is going through changes that are both timely and prophetic. At the prompting of the Holy Spirit, we have closed down the public services of our local assembly. We are now going to focus entirely on “nurturing and empowering the Remnant” scattered around the world. The sanctuary is being converted into a studio where we can produce both videos and audio podcasts. The videos will be the same as before, except we will have both teaching in front of my pulpit (like always) and having the option for green screen filming. The most exciting part, as least for me, is the development of a radio talk show style podcast that will be produced weekly. We have equipment to purchase and set up, as well as a learning curve to produce a quality podcast. I believe the investment will be well worth it and will allow us to provide new resources to prepare the Remnant for the days ahead.

Biblical Life eMagazine: I have been toying with the concept for over a year now. I have learned what to do and what not to do. We did produce several eMags, but the timing just did not feel right. Our goal is produce two editions per year in 2014. As we move forward with all of the other projects and get them established, we should be able to expand to four editions in 2015.

New Books on the Horizon: The Holy Spirit has been downloading into my heart new concepts for books that need to be written in 2014. Keep these projects in your prayers. As the Apostle Paul asked the believers in Ephesians 6:19 “to pray for him that utterance would be given unto him,” I ask you would pray for a fresh anointing to be released in my life to write from the heart of our Heavenly Father.

These are just a few things on the horizon at Biblical Life.


3. Biblical Life College and Seminary: BLCS continues to grow and to produce highly trained and effective ministers for the Kingdom of God. Many of the changes we are doing in other areas I have already mentioned will enhance the programs at the seminary. If you know of a minister that is looking for a quality nontraditional seminary, we ask that you would recommend Biblical Life College and Seminary.

4. Moving Forward: To convert the sanctuary into a professional level recording studio for both video and audio recordings is going to be a step of faith for us. If you have been spiritually fed by all of the videos on our YouTube Channel or MP3 versions at the Biblical Life Assembly website, I ask that you prayerfully consider including Biblical Life in your monthly giving. It is very biblical (and appropriate) to sow into the ministries that have spoken into your life and the life of your family. You can use the link below for online giving or simply mail your love gift to:

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(Just use whatever combinations of gifts at the site to equal the amount you would like to give to support our ministry.)

Finally my friends in the LORD, the best is yet to come. God is wanting us to roll up our sleeves and work with Him to produce a Jubilee in our lives. I look forward to see what all God accomplishes with us in 2014!

A Bond Servant of Messiah,

Michael K. Lake, Th.D.

Biblical Life